Private Labels


$1.15/ lb. X Dress Weight

Ground Beef Patties $1.00/lb

Beef Link Sausage $1.00/lb


$1.35/lb X Dress Weight

Sausage Patties $1.00/lb

Link Sausage $1.00/lb

Goats /Sheep

70 lbs or less-$70.00

71 lbs and up-$1.00/lb

All based on dress weight

All Private Label Customers MUST BRING FREEZER FOR PICK-UP

Testing fee$20.00 per private label

If product is not picked up on scheduled pick up day there will be a $20.00 per day charge

Meat will hang for 14 days, an extra week of hanging will be $50.00 per week

Beef Waste disposal fee $20.00 per head

Swine, Lamb and Goat waste disposal fee $10.00 per head

Stew meat and stir fry-$0.50/lb

Animal’s wrapped or vacuum sealed one steak per pack will be charged an extra $0.10 per lb